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Five years ago today, image >>0 was uploaded, marking the official opening on a small image site that started off simply as a hobby and a proof of concept. And five years down the road, it has grown into one hell of an amazing community! Happy birthday, Derpibooru!
On behalf of the Derpibooru staff, I would like to thank each and every one of you for making this community what it is. Whether you’re an artist, a regular in the comments section, an uploader, or just someone who lurks silently, you help make the site what it is today.
I would also like to give a huge thanks to everyone who submitted their characters to this collab I was blown away by how many submissions this little project received - I seriously wasn’t expecting even a hundred characters total, but instead, there are nearly three times that amount in this picture.
And I would especially like to thank all the wonderful artists who offered to draw OCs for other people, for free, so that they can also be included in this celebration. That was an amazing and kind thing to do, so thank you! And I have been keeping track of everyone who offered to do so too, so if you’re one of those artists, expect a little reward within the next few days ;)
Full download:  
The uploaded image has been resized, as it was too large to paste in full detail. You can download the original, non-resized version here: https://derpicdn.net/collab17.png (55.4MB, 13500 x 9000 px - Do not download on a metered connection or older PC)
So what does the site look like after five years? Here’s some statistics that occurred over the past 24 hours:  
21,219,467 CDN hits (3 TB bandwidth)  
57,163 unique users  
777 images uploaded  
2,798 comments posted
And some statistics since the site was launched five years ago:  
1.1m images  
5.7m image comments  
12k topics  
2.7m forum posts  
188k users  
1 best pony
Included images (In no particular order):  
>>1014740 >>1121478 >>1121482 >>1121490 >>1139376 >>1156107 >>1169933 >>1177897 >>1215110 >>1255084 >>1258132 >>1276896 >>1277357 (deleted) >>1280261 >>1297643 >>1302745 >>1305101 >>1308163 >>1308182 >>1308257 >>1308273 >>1308297 >>1308324 >>1308361 >>1308402 >>1308459 >>1308591 >>1308653 >>1308735 >>1308776 (deleted) >>1308787 >>1308790 >>1308836 >>1308860 >>1308940 >>1308985 >>1309008 >>1309019 >>1309072 >>1309307 >>1309360 >>1309363 >>1309420 >>1309518 >>1309531 >>1309645 >>1309776 >>1309778 >>1309856 >>1309875 >>1309929 >>1309963 >>1309975 >>1310021 >>1310061 >>1310066 >>1310065 >>1310100 >>1310138 >>1310167 >>1310170 (deleted) >>1310179 >>1310186 >>1310218 >>1310237 >>1310299 >>1310329 >>1310452 >>1310453 >>1310475 >>1310589 >>1310768 >>1310910 >>1311026 >>1311245 >>1311311 >>1311418 >>1311441 >>1311494 >>1311555 >>1311632 >>1311703 >>1311895 >>1312246 >>1312268 >>1312306 >>1312408 >>1312600 >>1312815 >>1312879 >>1312993 >>1313168 (deleted) >>1313257 >>1313296 >>1313414 >>1313574 >>1313600 >>1313635 >>1313824 >>1313995 >>1313996 >>1314075 >>1314175 >>1314223 >>1314420 >>1314506 >>1314509 >>1314512 >>1314566 >>1314762 >>1314771 >>1315123 >>1315309 >>1315390 >>1315430 >>1315432 >>1315480 >>1315510 >>1315566 >>1315610 (deleted) >>1315629 >>1315743 >>1315809 (deleted) >>1315835 >>1316570 >>1316722 >>1317020 >>1317446 >>1317450 >>1317573 >>1317640 >>1317777 >>1317780 >>1318442 (deleted) >>1318573 >>1318636 >>1318832 >>1319109 >>1319495 >>1319590 >>1319605 >>1319692 >>1319714 >>1319836 >>1319845 >>1319884 >>1319907 >>1319908 >>1319926 >>1319943 >>1320079 >>1320119 >>1320181 >>1320191 >>1320351 >>1320428 (deleted) >>1320468 (merged) >>1320488 (deleted) >>1320530 >>1320568 >>1320597 >>1320629 >>1320688 >>1320732 >>1320908 >>1320953 >>1320959 >>1321084 >>1321102 >>1321215 >>1321315 >>1321323 >>1321716 >>1321799 >>1321926 >>1321929 >>1321931 >>1321982 >>1322005 >>1322010 >>1322141 >>1322291 >>1322318 >>1322367 >>1322426 >>1322460 >>1322489 >>1322498 >>1322611 >>1322623 >>1322769 >>1322845 >>1322988 >>1323026 >>1323073 >>1323422 >>1323437 >>1323531 >>1323585 >>1323651 >>1323691 >>1323791 >>1323990 >>1324038 >>1324203 >>1324226 >>1324264 >>1324271 >>1324413 >>1324415 >>1324461 >>1324463 >>1324490 >>1324561 >>1324617 >>1324658 >>1324681 >>1324703 >>1324709 >>1324792 >>1324824 >>1324960 >>1325017 >>1325045 >>1325361 >>1325407 >>1325431 >>1325442 >>1325445 >>1325604 >>1325640 >>1325668 >>1325696 >>1325830 >>1325878 >>1325926 >>1325965 (deleted) >>1326006 >>1326007 >>1326008 >>1326039 >>1326061 >>1326076 >>1326078 >>1326079 >>1326081 >>1326085 >>1326086 >>1326116 >>1326130 >>1326188 >>1326201 >>1326210 >>1326283 >>1326316 >>1326331 >>1326489 >>1326537 >>1326580 (merged) >>1326668 >>1326743 >>1326744 >>1326745 >>1326772 >>1326842 >>1326880 >>1327289 >>1327573 >>694083 >>906658 >>951808

safe2117167 artist:10art1325 artist:40kponyguy817 artist:adetuddymax129 artist:agentappleblanket33 artist:amber5 artist:amber flicker137 artist:an-tonio2423 artist:arctic-fox1533 artist:arifproject636 artist:askbubblelee1687 artist:atlasthefox16 artist:aureai137 artist:avastindy85 artist:aztec6139 artist:b-cacto348 artist:badumsquish2441 artist:barbra92 artist:beardie1768 artist:beth351 artist:bigmackintosh196 artist:bigshot232131 artist:binkyt11992 artist:brainiac3087 artist:breadpudd8 artist:captainpudgemuffin674 artist:cejs948 artist:cheezedoodle961103 artist:chopsticks727 artist:ciaran111 artist:clacksphob22 artist:cyanlightning1159 artist:darkdoomer366 artist:darkest-lunar-flower410 artist:darkhestur537 artist:dashedrainbows7 artist:dashiesparkle1541 artist:daydreamsyndrom176 artist:derpian7 artist:derpyjoel30 artist:dinkyuniverse135 artist:djdavid98 edits74 artist:djhors32 artist:dragonpone369 artist:drakizora123 artist:drjavi163 artist:dsana710 artist:dsninja108 artist:duskthebatpack155 artist:eagle1division232 artist:eclipsepenumbra196 artist:edowaado262 artist:egophiliac2182 artist:enter2422 artist:eqamrd394 artist:essie jay1 artist:exedrus99 artist:ezabor2 artist:felisrandomis47 artist:feralroku216 artist:flash equestria photography625 artist:flawlessvictory2063 artist:floots160 artist:fluffsplosion571 artist:frecklesfanatic206 artist:geminijc4 artist:gingerscribbs16 artist:goshhhh165 artist:great-5141 artist:guardian talon31 artist:gyrotech63 artist:haltie204 artist:hawthornbunny9 artist:haybale10010 artist:heartscharm91 artist:invalid-david115 artist:itsthinking136 artist:jackorton-hoofstring3 artist:january3rd281 artist:jodi sli70 artist:joey286 artist:jp106 artist:k1250 artist:kalemon134 artist:kate littlewing2 artist:kikirdcz786 artist:kiramoses26 artist:kukulkan3501 artist:kuren247525 artist:kyokimute523 artist:ladyanidraws541 artist:lamia850 artist:lazerblues1274 artist:lefthighkick466 artist:lightningbolt1214 artist:lonewolf3878323 artist:lumineko3032 artist:lunarmarshmallow181 artist:m.w.112 artist:mackstack383 artist:mamachubs169 artist:manual-monaro44 artist:masem742 artist:mechanized51562 artist:melodicstream18 artist:milkychocoberry31 artist:miniferu1420 artist:minus103 artist:momoiro-kun388 artist:monochromacat78 artist:mortris30 artist:mrlolcats17200 artist:mrumbrellacorps18 artist:mykegreywolf645 artist:n0nnny614 artist:naveahadelaine2 artist:nuggetz12 artist:oblivionfall79 artist:onil innarin110 artist:outlawedtofu157 artist:parallel black228 artist:parclytaxel1496 artist:paskanaakka821 artist:phallen1461 artist:phat_guy180 artist:php11212 artist:php12265 artist:php13419 artist:php1612 artist:php1657 artist:php5911 artist:pink1ejack455 artist:pirill330 artist:plinko80 artist:pokecure123157 artist:poniplayge4 artist:ponyway60 artist:poppun25 artist:poshpete11712 artist:purgeslc31 artist:pwnypony db36 artist:ratiasuq12 artist:raventheghost51 artist:reluctantbrohoof3 artist:risterdus130 artist:ruef477 artist:ruinedomega108 artist:saby111 artist:salamishowdown54 artist:sapsan369 artist:saveraedae294 artist:saxopi631 artist:sea-maas79 artist:seafooddinner250 artist:shadow-san4 artist:sketchmcreations1907 artist:snowfall-artistry6 artist:soft-arthropod68 artist:souladdicted336 artist:starrrrrr3 artist:steam-loco84 artist:stec-corduroyroad99 artist:steelph156 artist:sugarlesspaints2045 artist:sweetai belle13 artist:tacodeltaco85 artist:tayarinne20 artist:techarmsbu64 artist:texasuberalles490 artist:the smiling pony786 artist:theandymac615 artist:thebathwaterhero977 artist:thelonelampman68 artist:thepianistmare239 artist:thevioletyoshi19 artist:thunderblitz153 artist:toyminator900771 artist:truffle shine225 artist:unkown6 artist:unoriginai828 artist:viwrastupr563 artist:wenni310 artist:whitemew2 artist:whitewolf20103 artist:windows 9528 artist:wingbeatpony187 artist:wolfy-pony290 artist:xkaix250156 artist:xwoofyhoundx155 artist:yakoshi328 artist:yenchey39 artist:yenristar4 artist:zharkaer80 artist:zippysqrl455 artist:zogzor94 derpibooru exclusive38794 princess luna114728 the lone lampman40 trixie78085 oc916554 oc:adetuddymax59 oc:amber195 oc:amber flicker21 oc:amiona81 oc:apricot sparkles3 oc:aquaria lance60 oc:arcanel42 oc:artist41 oc:astral blitzen29 oc:attraction361 oc:aural harmony25 oc:aureai gray37 oc:autumn moon64 oc:avery softequine23 oc:beauty cheat22 oc:bee queen3 oc:beryl74 oc:binky96 oc:bizarre song870 oc:blossom heart8 oc:blue impasto8 oc:blue skies119 oc:bolterdash42 oc:brainiac201 oc:bread pudd7 oc:bubble lee751 oc:buttercream scotch209 oc:cactus needles78 oc:cella69 oc:cellophane75 oc:chiarascura9 oc:chip186 oc:chocolate medley18 oc:chopsticks263 oc:chrome thunder22 oc:chug9 oc:cirrus sky451 oc:clever clop30 oc:cobalt fossil17 oc:code sketch21 oc:cold front640 oc:cold iron11 oc:comet storm6 oc:coolj14 oc:coppercog68 oc:corbae runwin3 oc:corduroy road73 oc:corpsly68 oc:creega message9 oc:cyan lightning215 oc:dark236 oc:darkest hour43 oc:darkest lunar flower30 oc:daturea eventide159 oc:dawnsong242 oc:der990 oc:dioponi72 oc:doctor mara31 oc:double colon152 oc:downvote550 oc:dream writer13 oc:dreamsicle123 oc:dreamy daze157 oc:dusk211 oc:dusk rhine393 oc:dusk shine88 oc:eclipse172 oc:eclipse penumbra169 oc:electric spark293 oc:elizabat stormfeather658 oc:ember frost13 oc:emerald gloom4 oc:emerald scroll2 oc:equie115 oc:evening breeze101 oc:field marks4 oc:firebrand212 oc:fixer upper13 oc:flashy sprite17 oc:flawless victory6 oc:frozen storm2 oc:g.p.5 oc:gabriel titanfeather41 oc:gallant aura3 oc:gearlock41 oc:ginger fizz3 oc:golden flask11 oc:google chrome224 oc:green ganache27 oc:green quill5 oc:green screen41 oc:gusty gale29 oc:gyro feather687 oc:gyro tech1106 oc:handy hoofs85 oc:hard cider37 oc:hawthornbunny6 oc:hiccupsmatazz1 oc:hiccupssketcher4 oc:hoofstring25 oc:howling moon20 oc:insight4 oc:inspira11 oc:itsthinking5 oc:jodie scissy1 oc:jonin105 oc:kanti4 oc:kaos meleer22 oc:kay28 oc:keet16 oc:kerslap5 oc:kirie3 oc:kissing kings79 oc:klasse spectre2 oc:klavinova372 oc:knick knack146 oc:kukri35 oc:kuren22 oc:kyoponi149 oc:lady adamantine2 oc:lalalexxi7 oc:lamia150 oc:lannie lona120 oc:leadhoof8 oc:lemon drop302 oc:lessi146 oc:liebe funkeln3 oc:lightning dee96 oc:lime zest20 oc:litmus paper17 oc:lorelei kernav20 oc:lotus lullaby5 oc:lucky duck95 oc:lunette170 oc:mack7 oc:mack mod15 oc:marquis majordome120 oc:marshmallow94 oc:maximus pride3 oc:mellow rhythm102 oc:melodic stream13 oc:melody guardian12 oc:melody notes134 oc:melon frost183 oc:mercury shine574 oc:midnight dew211 oc:midnight light116 oc:miles bright55 oc:milo50 oc:mint condition22 oc:minus66 oc:mixi creamstar155 oc:moonlit ace327 oc:morning blast22 oc:motion paradox2 oc:mugen kagemaru14 oc:mythos gray16 oc:natura5 oc:neko heart117 oc:nick nack paddy wack9 oc:night sky73 oc:nintendy45 oc:ore pie19 oc:osha79 oc:overcast21 oc:paige turner18 oc:painted note6 oc:paperglue5 oc:parcly taxel495 oc:pat thundersnow21 oc:peeps12 oc:pegasus 3163 oc:penny curve19 oc:penny rich20 oc:pepper doll13 oc:pixel perfect27 oc:pokecure12311 oc:proxyjack6 oc:puppy love31 oc:ragtime melody107 oc:rainbow feather321 oc:raven blake32 oc:rb8 oc:recon probe38 oc:red velvet151 oc:renard prower15 oc:retrotech8 oc:right away12 oc:roxie stars4 oc:rustback20 oc:sable edge10 oc:sapphire sights391 oc:scarley weld2 oc:scooter shooter2 oc:scorprion carl26 oc:screen gazer20 oc:sea-maas8 oc:seafood dinner149 oc:shadow whip47 oc:shadowmoon113 oc:shiny smiley27 oc:sign337 oc:silver draw408 oc:silver lining414 oc:silver raindrop2 oc:silver sickle225 oc:silvia518 oc:skaj54 oc:sketch mythos42 oc:slashing prices383 oc:sleepyhead81 oc:slide fortissimo55 oc:snapple47 oc:soapy suds4 oc:software patch258 oc:solar chaser41 oc:solaria210 oc:southern belle345 oc:spark brush20 oc:speedy32 oc:spirit guide12 oc:sportifli18 oc:spring beauty798 oc:sprinkles48 oc:stainless key80 oc:star farer27 oc:star scraper7 oc:star shower126 oc:stargazer137 oc:steam loco91 oc:steel 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collaboration5582 g41926514 :36550 :i1885 :p13747 :t4372 absurd file size3149 absurd resolution66066 adventure in the comments1338 alcohol9752 alicorn oc35522 anniversary732 annoyed7002 artist overload4 beard5381 beauty mark1512 bedroom eyes79152 blind1219 bone4265 bow42556 bracelet14776 braid9269 brony history304 browser ponies593 butthug479 c:1338 canterlot6967 changeling oc10764 cheek fluff8889 chest fluff61747 chialody9 choker20131 clothes611307 collaboration6734 collar45991 colored pupils12982 colt19893 cute256995 cutie mark51528 derpibooru legacy23 derpibooru logo81 derpibooru ponified906 digital art28381 dock68114 donut2866 drinking4974 duckling230 ear fluff47440 ear piercing41243 earring30973 everypony414 eyepatch3840 eyes closed133557 eyeshadow27624 face paint1322 facial hair9573 fake alicorn117 fangs38036 featured image1166 female1738840 femboy13111 filly93725 flat cap84 flexible2525 floppy ears70266 flower37371 fluffy18517 flying52718 food97176 freckles41471 frontbend1199