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If you have found any juicy moments involving mlp related stuff from 4chan cup you can pm me them, i might turn them into gif
suggestive130853 artist:/mlp/ 4chan cup4 mare do well945 starlight glimmer45094 twilight sparkle286056 oc616413 oc:>rape50 oc:best pony3 oc:tracy cage332 alicorn202617 human145226 anthro236283 /mlp/9243 3d66438 4chan6614 4chan cup398 >rape261 absurd file size660 absurd gif size206 animated93445 cheering748 football1477 gif28533 meme79254 pro evolution soccer33 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117276 wat18548


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Removed "sex" and "humping" tags. srsly u guize, it's a goal celebration, not an orgy. ^:)

Unless it was modified from the source somehow. In that case, feel free to add them back.