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A remake of an older picture of Sweetie-Do-Well in Tickle-Peril that's just too cute not to try and take another whack at.

The original Pic:

So what we have here is poor Sweetie Belle captured by a technologically advanced prisoner breaking facility. Poor Sweetie was caught trying to sneak in and they didn't even care to strip her down. Placed into one of the prisoner physical containment units.

Her soles and toes are exposed to a floor of synthetic tendrils and bumps that react to anything touching it. The tentacles coil, wiggle and tease endlessly. Tickling her poor, adorable soles.

The bondage around her arms and ankles are constantly pulling her into a position of keeping her feet on the floor.

Finally, there's penalties for lifting her feet and pressing them against the glass. More time under ticklish duress!

Poor Sweetie hasn't learned that it's just better to try and take the punishment. How many times will she press her soles against the glass and get another penalty?

No wiggle lines version:
suggestive145390 artist:caroo767 sweetie belle49374 anthro264402 plantigrade anthro33460 ankle cuffs653 arm behind back6237 barefoot27966 blushing200848 bondage34201 crying44111 feet40644 female1380591 foot fetish7907 horn ring5687 laughing8139 magic suppression3978 peril885 remastered124 solo1077561 solo female181408 story included9239 sweetie do well128 tears of laughter854 teasing3813 tentacle porn8054 tentacles11934 tentacles on female4353 tickle torture2416 tickling4676 wiggling66


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You're going to love me.
In an alternate universe of heroes and villany, mad scientist Twilight has captured Sweetie Do Well for her twisted experiments. With Supermare off on her own mission, can Superfilly and Scootaroll find and rescue her before Twilight makes Sweetie her personal tickle pet? A tale of torture, trepidation, and tickling! Who will get the last laugh?