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safe (1502840) artist:spectralunicorn (312) oc (567364) oc only (385748) oc:aryanne (2977) oc:yellowstar (73) bucking (861) eyes closed (73786) floppy ears (43876) frown (20598) glare (7817) gritted teeth (9672) jewelry (44116) kicking (1700) looking back (45306) monochrome (140087) necklace (13496) pencil drawing (6968) spanish (3995) traditional art (103559) underhoof (44070)


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13 comments posted
Background Pony #9775
Honest question: why is punching nazis okay? What defines a nazi?

I mean, parodies aside people ACTUALLY believe the ideal of beating up people for being ethnonationalist or…even civic nationalist (coughcoughcuckcoughcough)