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safe1949618 artist:slb941193 starlight glimmer54798 alicorn270422 pony1299795 absurd resolution70776 accessory theft523 alicornified6540 big crown thingy2756 crown24335 element of magic2943 female1582667 jewelry89020 lidded eyes38249 looking at you213075 princess starlight glimmer113 race swap17739 regalia29027 role reversal1562 s5 starlight2314 simple background492044 smiling324542 smirk15586 smug7655 solo1248860 spread wings73439 starlicorn517 this will end in communism312 transparent background243841 vector83536


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Young Leosword
Who’s they? If you’re trying to say the line EG and its subsequent animations will halt production, then you ought to realize that is either not yet common knowledge or that it’s an accurate statement according to Narnia.
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
Seriously, if Starlight becomes a friggin’ Alicorn…actually no, I don’t care that much.
But at least, please, let Sunny-Sun earn her wings before Starlight.
…actually now I think about it, in Rainbow Rocks Sunny-sun ponied up with wings. Does that mean that she’s actually already become an Alicorn, and it’s just not immediately obvious ‘cos she’s in Canterlot High’s human world? If she went back through the portal, would she automatically be an alicorn now? :)