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"What did you do, Trixie?"
"Why, I have no idea what you mean, Twilight."

All Hail, Starlight Glimmer.
No pretty pony is prettier than Starlight Glimmer.
safe1583319 artist:dm291644 braeburn5988 double diamond1560 rumble3753 spike74349 starlight glimmer44501 sunburst5931 trixie62775 twilight sparkle283342 alicorn198929 dragon48740 earth pony204823 pegasus246174 pony853995 unicorn272678 against glass1246 bipedal30851 braeglimmer3 crack shipping3462 crossed hooves1719 cutie mark41903 flower22700 glass4092 glimmerburn1 glimmerdiamond24 gritted teeth10469 heart43471 hearts and hooves day1944 lidded eyes27058 looking at each other16996 looking back50003 male308705 raised eyebrow6222 raised hoof39278 rose3498 shipping184096 shipping war115 sitting55678 smiling217449 sparlight561 starburst1062 starlight glimmer gets all the stallions9 straight121996 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115977 underhoof46672 valentine's day3079 wavy mouth3264


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Background Pony #C149
Spike: Come on Sunburst, join our great leader's harem already! All hail Starlight Glimmer!
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Background Pony #D33C
Not too often we see a picture with hints of GlimmerDiamond, so…I'll take it.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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"Hey stallions guess what? She's rich, she's single, she's powerful, and she's looking for somepony. She's Starlight Glimmer!"
-Clipping from Trixie's newspaper confidential ad for her Glim Glam