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I'm really excited to upload this one because I went with a completely different style and added far more detail than I normally do, so I am really looking forward to seeing how this is received. :)
safe1724662 artist:onyxpenstroke24 derpibooru exclusive28725 oc696100 oc only455223 oc:onyx penstroke8 pegasus298966 pony984959 bust51039 cloud31264 crepuscular rays2969 cute202556 green eyes4353 hoof in air96 hooves18024 lidded eyes31197 looking at you171696 lying down18178 messy mane7823 moon23711 multicolored hair5721 night26817 night sky1825 on a cloud1623 on back24624 smiling253661 solo1076516 stars15893 teddy bear1377 unshorn fetlocks26159


not provided yet


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