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Hi-res version of >>1354761.
safe1573386 artist:rainbowyoshi305127 rainbow dash219131 rarity169506 twilight sparkle282380 alicorn194857 pony844199 unicorn265431 30 day otp challenge228 ball pit120 blush sticker2127 blushing175504 colored pupils8778 cup5513 dashcon74 dirty thoughts88 extra hour10 female897473 flashback946 floppy ears46563 hoof on chin417 kissing22420 lesbian92117 levitation10526 looking up14074 magic65753 open mouth122813 raised hoof39225 shipping183728 sitting54872 sweat22912 sweatdrop2315 teacup2597 telekinesis24658 thought bubble2998 twidash4982 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115031


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