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Getting called has never been so adorable.
safe1554757 artist:neuro596 oc593164 oc only403927 oc:anon11222 object pony675 original species22702 phone pony6 pony825967 unicorn257071 colored pupils8410 cute173503 dialogue58780 female878812 looking at you140384 looking up13745 mare403878 music notes2913 offscreen character28713 phone4975 ponified37789 prone22887 simple background337472 sitting53742 smiling209662 solo958640 table8008 telepone2 transparent background175986


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You're just a Phoney!
Cue her being on the verge of tears, then me feeling bad, apologizing, trying to console her, and explaining that I was just trying to make a dumb pun and meant nothing bad by it.
Background Pony #BB1F
Lyrics Based on this:
Boop a derp a doop~
Doop a burp a derp~
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
My Little Phone~
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
My Little Phone~
It rings so cutely, such a beauty.
i just butt dial my favorite pone!
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
My Little Phone~
Derp dong ding derp ding dong derp,
Ya Wittle Tone~
She's a cutie,
Ringing her booty.
She's da best!
Sweetly Dressed!
You can take her in your Car-jular!
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
My Little Phone~
Boop Boop a Herp a Derp
ping pong ding dong ring rong zing
Eye Ittle Hone~
It's no Bologna,
It's My Little Pony~
My Cellular,
Pone-anular Phone~
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Artist -

Meddlesome Peon
She of course doesn't actually receive or send calls, she just pretends for the company.
This in mind, don't be surprised if your mother has no recollection of any telephone call you've had with her since installing your Pone Phone.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Hold her up your head and she whispers things into your ear as you talk into her other end? Just walk up to her and talk and her magic will magic up a horn?