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A part of me is actually super surprised the Rarishy or Flarity are one of the more unpopular shippings tbh
Flarity has had a bunch of moments in the show

but i guess Rabid fluttershy fans make rarishy fans flee into our hidy holes
Background Pony #5FFF
Srsly? Well actually that's it, Twilight's the most popular pony (as waifu) and Dash is the most mainstream pony.

@Background Pony #8B5C
I think that's an odd way to spell "Appledash", look at how Applejack is twisted into an easily seduced character in fanfictions when she has one of the most steady mind in the show.

But don't get me wrong, there is no problem with doing so, instead, that's why fanfictions exist, even I don't like AppleDash I still find the fanfictions hot because they are all acting out of characters. I for one never bothered readying Rarijack fanfictions even I am a hardcore Rarijack shipper, maybe because WhiteDiamond has already showed me why Rarijack is cute even only acting in their normal self.
Background Pony #D9B9
Yea, Twidash is like the worst mane 6 ship imanigiable. Too much self inserting and character tweaking to make it work.
Background Pony #CB82
Guys! Let's not get hung up on it for god's sake! There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. Sorry for my reproaches, but I have to say so.
Background Pony #3C25
There is an old adage that goes along the lines of "it is easier to move mountains than to change one's mind". When someone has decided on a fact, philosophy, POV, or preference, very seldom will they be convinced of something that contradicts it. If someone doesn't like Rarijack, why would they accept that the ship may have credibility? It's just another stupid ship of many after all.

The whole "opposites attract thing does not build a lasting, real relationship" is incredibly flawed. Y'know what two real polar opposites are? Male and Female. If those aren't opposites, I don't know what is. What opposite qualities apply to Rarijack anyway? City vs Country? Seen that work. Fastidious vs Simple? Often works better than two individuals too focused on detail with no grounding force. Eloquence vs Straight-forwardness? Excels with complementarity. I keep hearing of these "opposites" that would doom these two. Where are these opposites that would doom these two in a relationship?

It's the stetson, isn't it? IT'S ALWAYS THE STETSON!!!!

Not a soul on Earth can affirm whether a pairing (real life or not) will work or not. One can argue and speculate till they are blue in the face that a ship won't work, and have to eat crow later when it does. Life is funny like that.
Background Pony #BDDC
@Background Pony #03AF

See, that's the thing. I've read all the 'suggested' Rarijack that is supposed to convince one that the ship works. This is like a half dozen fics or more. Not a single one felt believable, as one or the other char felt rather out of character in some fashion (ha) or other. The trope that doesn't work here is the whole 'opposites attract' thing that is so popularized in stories, and the 'changing the other person' in the relationship. Those are exceptions, the vast majority of relationships that are healthy and last do not fall under the 'opposites attract' kind.
Background Pony #3C25
@Background Pony #3C8C
Not necessarily true in regards to Rarijack. Rarijack is over-stereotyped and poorly understood. Part of the difficulty to write Rarijack stems from the shallow, incomplete, and base notion that they have some pernicious personality conflict and are constantly at odds all because of the superficial trope of "city vs country mouse", as if that is the only thing to take into account.

The majority of existing Rarijack fanfics are pretty darn enthralling.