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safe1639989 artist:silfoe1546 apple bloom48019 applejack164615 fluttershy205731 night light2157 pinkie pie209993 princess celestia92334 princess luna96566 rainbow dash226655 rarity175982 scootaloo50144 spike76672 sweetie belle47793 twilight sparkle291820 twilight velvet4067 oc643445 oc:darkaito42 oc:logic loop126 oc:midnight moon114 oc:milk drop78 alicorn211205 bat pony46349 dragon52219 earth pony224329 pegasus266279 pony905613 unicorn295723 royal sketchbook611 bouquet906 bowtie9427 bridesmaid75 bridesmaid dress271 chair6403 clothes435911 cute189739 cutie mark crusaders18580 dress42244 eyes closed86300 family4257 female1305725 floral head wreath1922 flower23933 glowing horn18253 grin35613 happy29510 hoof hold7847 lesbian93105 levitation11424 magic69777 male351324 mane six30860 mare450054 marriage1187 midnaito24 nervous5398 night guard1729 open mouth133567 petals418 raised hoof42115 royal guard7272 royal sisters4168 shipping191661 sitting59086 smiling230435 stallion100732 suit5476 sweat24741 telekinesis26242 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119947 twiluna1494 walking4403 wedding1358 wedding dress1702 wide eyes16535


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"The other bat mare… is Pterus’ biological mother."
Wat ._.

From the description of
"The first meeting of Twilight and the bat pony boy. He’s probably 3 or 4 at this time and is just wondering where his mommy is and why these two weirdos were talking to him.
Luna would’ve already met him and arranged for the care of the orphaned son of her fallen guard until something more permanent could be done. Them personally adopting the boy was Twilight’s idea."
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I just noticed: in Equestria, they don't feel the urge to make bridesmaids wear awful dresses.
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I think AJ plain out stubborned Rarity on the Stetson tiara combo. Sweet Celestia I love me some AJ, but you look sillier than a cat on stilts there. Though she managed to wear a blue one to the coronation.

Great pic
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Go fsck yourself
… heavenly song of

In Eee-major, of course. ;)