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After the birth of her nephew, Princess Luna came to the realization that she too wanted a child of her own. The only difference was that she didn't want to give up her immortality. She had spent a thousand years exiled on the moon so she felt like she had much time to make up for. She knew of magic that would turn her into a stallion temporarily but she needed to find a mare. There were many choices but he closest friend was the obvious choice. Luna had met Zecora at her first Nightmare Night and she found the zebra rather intriguing. They would write and Luna would visit Zecora often to learn about potions and her home of origin. Zecora had never thought about having a family nor did she exactly desire to have one. She was more than willing to help her friend and princess though. When Cosmic Spark was about a year old, Luna and Zecora's daughter was born. She was born as just a unicorn with some zebra markings including a star shaped marking on her chest. Luna raised the princess but Zecora is active in her life.I haven't decided on a name just yet but I have three ideas. Help is welcome! Choices: Lilith, Isis or Nyx?~~Bases by Zecora & Princess Luna © lauren faust & hasbroZecora & Princess Luna spawn ©
safe1578153 artist:uberxmomo5 princess luna94074 zecora8796 oc606440 alicorn195796 hybrid15311 pony847827 zebra15775 zebra alicorn57 zebroid97 zony749 alicorn oc22087 base used15843 female901475 lesbian92298 lucora6 magical lesbian spawn10776 next generation6143 offspring34510 parent:princess luna1952 parent:zecora303 parents:lucora1 shipping184285 simple background346478 watermark14560 white background87363


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