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Something I made for skyflys in our Art Trade
Basically, Sweetie plays some games with the boys and they decide to tie her to the bed for their kissing games:P
suggestive128124 artist:viranimation268 button mash3784 rumble3804 sweetie belle46681 earth pony199439 pegasus239939 pony846564 unicorn266629 3d62720 bondage30367 colt on filly138 eyes closed80286 female900178 filly on colt94 giggling739 horn ring5055 hug25499 hug sandwich21 kiss on the cheek1491 kiss on the head32 kiss sandwich186 kissing22468 magic suppression3612 male305836 rope10308 rumbelle274 shipping184146 source filmmaker37955 straight121762 sweetie belle gets all the colts6 sweetiemash577 threesome9162 tied up5003


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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.

Y'all are stupid!
Button's mother: make her scream, boys >:)

Rumble: huh?

Button's mother: don't mind me, dear Rumble. Proceed~

[Go on button. Show her what you're made of, sweetie]