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safe1751295 artist:egophiliac2150 diamond tiara10404 filthy rich1175 pipsqueak2877 pound cake2614 pumpkin cake2362 snails5364 snips4253 earth pony266260 pony1011295 unicorn342570 slice of pony life101 blushing204791 clothes476285 colt15480 comic111515 diamondsnail25 equestria's best father56 female1402579 filly69687 male388273 motorcycle1190 older27821 older diamond tiara802 older pipsqueak102 older snails81 older snips96 peter gabriel32 say anything38 scarf23864 shipping205743 slice of life1405 song reference3534 stallion115826 straight140389 sunglasses15059 tumblr35004 woonoggles636


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Beau Skunky
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Cute wittle skunku
Agreed, plus he was shown to be a nice guy in the show from what we've seen of him.

I love how ridiculously nice/naive he is portrayed here, with it clashing hilariously with Tiara trying to be rebellious.
Background Pony #8574
Hah! Snails and Tiara's rebel without a cause thing is so teenager-ish, it's perfect. :D