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Dusk Shine Trotsworth
Starlight Glimmer & Sunset Shimmer by Hasbro
Trixter Lulamoon by Darknesstare
Background BitterPlagueRat/Link fav.me/d62wxwc
*Bases*LR-Studios/Link fav.me/d6ioa8a
TurtleCavez/Link fav.me/d8lu3fa
StryapaStyleBases/Link fav.me/d8wum8s
dead source19512 safe1577410 artist:drewmwhit78 starlight glimmer43955 sunset shimmer57728 trixie62226 twilight sparkle282979 alicorn195647 pony847171 unicorn266937 baking621 counterparts850 dusk shine2205 duskshimmer64 eyes closed80357 female900782 food60965 frosting699 half r63 shipping1735 indoors1868 male306063 prince dusk331 rule 6325247 shipping184224 smiling215433 startrist10 startrix2594 straight121834 sugarcube corner1972 sunsetsparkle4717 tristan222 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115337 twilight's counterparts884


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