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10 comments posted
nerfherder's avatar
Dark lord of the sith
@Background Pony #85FD
the output of the elements of harmony is infinite
it reduces ANY form of evil to nothing
based on what we’ve seen in the show, it’s the equivilent of the spirit bomb only stronger
but the mane six would need a chance to fire it
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Background Pony #A93F
you’re not wrong frieza outclasses the mane 6 in speed, strength, and especially durability, the only way they could win is if they use the elements of harmony, but frieza isn’t retarded like nightmare moon or discord, rather than just stand there like a dumbass, he’ll either deflect the blast or dodge it, which he can do since as i already said he’s much faster and durable than anyone in mlp. i mean i bet frieza could take over all of equestria in a week if he wanted to, but even more if noone nerfs of powers up the mane 6 so they at least stand a chance.
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