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"All I'm saying, Ms. Jubilee," cooed the pegasus, as he brushed yet another thick lock of red mane into place, "is I can't see what a b-ea-utiful filly like yourself is doing living in a Podunk town like this one."

"Hmm," Cherry Jubilee considered, a hoof to her cheek, "Well, when you run a farm worth 'bout, oh, two million bits, Breezy-boy, a town like this one is just the place to do it."

Zephyr Breeze pulled the earth pony's mane into it's usual style.

"Two million bits, hm?" he smiled, sleazily, "Well, color me impressed—course, you do seem like the kind of mare who wouldn't need to rely on anypony. Bet you're roundin' down when you say two million!"

Cherry laughed, a boisterous, fantastically loud sound that bounced off of the walls of the salon. A couple of other hairstylists turned their heads for a look.

"Aren't you just as charmin' as they come," she giggled, meeting his gaze through the mirror in front of them.

"It's something I've been told," Zephyr shrugged, though his heart was beating just a bit faster than normal, "but never by such a lovely pony."

After a moment of quiet wherein Zephyr teased up Cherry's hair a bit more, she added;

"This Friday's a holiday, I do believe," she said, smiling and raising an eyebrow at the pegasus, "correct me if I'm mistaken, but I'm hopin' we both'll be as free as a dog off his leash for that evening. Whataya say to meetin' up back here, 'round eight? If that's a good time for you."

Zephyr gawked. Despite what he might boast around other colts, he'd never had a mare be very… forward before.

"Well, Cherry-berry," he choked out, trying to get himself back into his comfort zone, "I'd certainly love to… but what would you do if I said I did have something—somepony—occupyin' my Friday evening?" Finally he felt at ease again, and gave the earth pony a sly wink, "Maybe I've got some other rich mare looking for my attention? Maybe a sleek young pegasus, with a mane made o' rainbows? What would you do?"

"Well first thing I'd do," chuckled Cherry, spinning around in her chair to face Zephyr, "is I'd call you a big ol' liar."

Zephyr blinked.

"And then, if ya weren't lyin', I'd find that poor lil' filly and tell her to find herself a real stallion, a colt with his head on tight enough to know not to mess around, not to go makin' eyes at other mares when he's got himself a special somepony who's heart he's apparently willin' to go 'n' break—I'd tell that filly to find a colt worth her time."

Slack-jawed, Zephyr Breeze stared in terror at the tiny farmer, who suddenly seemed about six feet taller than him.

"But if that weren't the case, Breezy-boy," added Cherry, her green eyes slipping back into a soft and welcoming gaze, "I'd ask you to meet me here this Friday at eight, if that time works for ya."

"Eight, ei-eight is good," he nodded, eyes wide. "Th-then what'll we do?"

"Ooh, I can procure us some Green Hay tickets, I betcha!" she grinned, clapping her hooves together, "They're playin' out in the Crystal Empire! I got myself a carriage, y'know, we can get there right on time!"

"G-great, yes, that, we will do that," he said, considerably louder than he intended. A few other hairstylists glanced in their direction again. "I will—I will see you then, on Friday, at eight, yes."

"I can hardly wait, Mr. Breeze," she smiled, softly. Cherry hopped out of the chair, and stood up on the tips of her hooves to plant a quick kiss on Zephyr's cheek. "I'll see ya then!"

Zephyr Breeze watched her prance out the door, looking just as giddy as a school filly with a crush, freshly styled hair bouncing up and down in the sun. Why, she looked almost as if she hadn't just frightened him worse than Nightmare Moon on steroids could ever hope to do.


yeah I made a shitty pun what of it

I've mentioned this ship a couple of times, I believe! :) But it's a favorite of mine, mainly because of their similarly grating voices, but also because I think that a strong independent lady like Cherry is one of the few who could handle Zephyr, and not get their heart broken, or be used by him. If he starts his… Zephyr-isms again, she would drop him quicker than an unexpectedly hot cherry pie, and he knows it :D

Oh and I headcanon Cherry as really, really tiny. Small but strong characters are my jam, as are big but meek characters
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Well, I don't want to Cause conflict but, If she Dose Threatened a Modecan, it dosen't end well you'll Never know that those Modecans are Packing Heat.
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That's him, officer
…Oh…Oh no…

Oh Celestia no…

No no no no, you're making me LOVE this crack ship!

The description story was sublime ;-;…