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Parents; Discord and Princess Luna  
Age; 30  
Cutie Mark; n/a  
Personality; Sinister and mischievous, Bedlam is the middle child of Discord and Luna’s litter from the result of a one night stand. Unlike her brothers, Bedlam revels in being the more mature and critical thinking of the three draconequui, always speaking up when she finds a plan too bothersome or plain. She acts older than she is and always is mistaken as the eldest child, but she prides herself in being the middle one. She harbors no discontent or hatred for either or her parents, but she has quite the interesting relationship with her half-sister and cousin, Mayhem.

Anybody remember Maelstrom?
Welp, he wasn’t alone in his litter. He has a younger sister and brother wheeze.
I adopted Bedlam from Vindhov but altered her final appearance a little bit but keeping the main inspirations for her design uwu She’s my sassy little baby
Originally uploaded to deviantart February 18, 2017
safe1947314 artist:tambelon795 oc823839 oc only606126 oc:bedlam65 draconequus16512 hybrid25528 crossed arms6704 draconequus oc1947 female1580423 interspecies offspring9099 offspring46081 parent:discord3998 parent:princess luna2795 parents:lunacord216 piercing52353 simple background490982 solo1246879 transparent background243374 unshorn fetlocks35026 watermark20576


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