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When a lady asks you to attach your clamps to her terminals and give her a jump ;)
safe1553376 artist:badumsquish1897 derpibooru exclusive23775 oc592641 oc only403729 battery charger pony1 object pony674 original species22694 pony825177 augmented tail2012 battery charger1 blushing172281 garage138 looking away3154 male298621 ponified37617 shop305 shy3419 solo958105


not provided yet


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Background Pony #E56B
Why isn't there any electrostim porn involving this pony yet, he's perfect
Background Pony #70C7
I can't imagine why, but I think this would be a pretty fitting song for this charger pone and his battery GF.
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Yeah, he's a little bashful about it :P

I just love super-energetic extroverted characters paired with super shy introverted ones, especially when they're opposite sexes. Pic related:

Before you ask too, he gets jealous of the alternator pony :D

@Blue Eyes
Yep, they were practically made for each other :D She can hold a charge but can't generate power herself, while he can generate electricity organically but can't store it.

@Parallel Black