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Fluttershy has a twins! :3 therefore has a new hairstyle. Boy’s name: Brave Spirit. (he’s down)Girl ’s name: Fearless Wings. Their father is a Big Macintosh (Big Mac)
safe (1448827)artist:juli-leysson (3)fluttershy (186395)oc (534584)oc:brave spirit (1)oc:fearless wings (1)earth pony (155186)pegasus (194897)pony (716039)colt (11534)female (777569)filly (51753)implied fluttermac (56)implied shipping (3653)implied straight (4845)male (263950)missing cutie mark (3340)offspring (29257)parent:big macintosh (2171)parent:fluttershy (3434)parents:fluttermac (865)simple background (296089)white background (73773)


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