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Corregidos los errores de este dibujo:
Hecho por el artista para mí, lo he publicado en derpibooru con su permiso.
Esto ocurre en una versión alternativa donde los ponies y los dragones siempre necesitan llevar ropa, como los humanos. Hace tiempo Spike descubrió que Apple Bloom usa a menudo como ropa interior nada menos que bombachos y Sweetie Belle usa muchas veces nada menos que bragas con dibujos de fresitas… El tener ese conocimiento es claramente una provocación para inventar los motes apropiados y mostrar a todo pony tales ropas interiores embarazosas y tales apodos. Esto ha abierto un debate: ¿Cuál de las dos opciones es más linda?
Textos traducidos a el español:
SPIKE: “¡Pipsqueak! ¿Cuál de las dos opciones es más linda?” “¿Applebloomers?” “¿Straweetie Bellerries?”
PIPSQUEAK: “Esos son muy buenos motes, y es difícil decidirse entre las dos”
Dibujo original aquí:
El artista nunca dibuja pechos ni genitales, no existen versiones sin censura hechas por este artista.
Corrected the errors of this drawing:
Made by the artist for me, I have published it in derpibooru with her permission.
This happens in a version alternative where the ponies and the dragons always need to wear clothes, like the humans. Long ago Spike discovered that Apple Bloom uses often as underwear nothing less than bloomers and Sweetie Belle uses many times nothing less than panties with drawings of strawberries… The having that knowledge is clearly a provocation to invent the nicknames appropriate and show to everypony such underwear embarrassing and such nicknames. This has opened a debate: Which of the two options is more cute?
Drawing original here:
The artist never draw breasts neither genitals, Does not exist uncensored versions made by this artist.
safe1900816 alternate version62611 artist:avionscreator12 artist:warpwarp192915 apple bloom54895 pipsqueak2961 spike85222 sweetie belle52144 dragon66923 anthro300349 assisted exposure1937 bloomers193 clothed male nude female1745 clothes533763 clothing theft357 cut clothes3 degradation182 embarrassed12995 embarrassed underwear exposure909 exposed548 female1537738 frilly underwear4638 humiliation2416 overalls2005 panties55549 partial nudity24106 public humiliation569 strawberry underwear18 straweetie bellerries2 sweetie blush7 topless15254 torn clothes5682 underwear68028


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Apple Bloom’s clothes are basically pulled down. She can pull them up again. But Sweetie Belle’s dress is ruined. She has to go home in only her panties. That’s going to be even more embarrassing than what she’s dealing with now.
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“Straweetie bellerries” is actually a terrible nickname. I thought it was a pun that didn’t translate, but in the description it says that even in Spanish, so I got nothin’.