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"Oh thank you SO much for agreeing to this, Coco. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to get any of the girls to model for me."
"It's no problem, but… did you have to leave the windows open?"
"Oh don't be silly dear. You know the importance of natural light as much as I do. Now arms up, please"

If you're going to live in the fashion world Coco, you'll have to do things its way, and that means certain sacrifices. Don't worry, I'm sure absolutely everyone involved will be completely professional here.

Anyway, Coco Pommel returns to my runtime after like 2 years. Probably not in the manner she'd like, but you can't have everything now, can you?
safe1675923 artist:tahublade7409 coco pommel5868 rarity179089 earth pony237623 unicorn310948 anthro253586 plantigrade anthro31284 3d73173 barefoot26823 belly button75517 bra15465 bra strap431 breasts269609 carousel boutique2080 clothes448677 daz studio808 dress43477 dressmaking34 embarrassed11107 feet38731 female1335945 flower pattern underwear244 frilly underwear4425 high heels10776 jeans3970 mare466170 measuring124 measuring tape1050 mirror5119 nail polish7539 panties49273 pants14027 pink underwear4231 reflection3096 sewing machine548 stockings31768 sweater14200 thigh highs34929 trash can822 underwear59583


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Background Pony #60A6
Poor Shy, she doesn't deserve that!(which is probably why you like that idea :P)
We need another Tia/Luna skirting battle!
Background Pony #60A6
I disagree! Coco is too meek and defenseless to suffer that humiliation!
Maybe a mare who could stand to have her ego pegged down and learn a bit of humility.
Background Pony #60A6
Nonsense! Rarity is a celebrity and probably has stalkers! My guess is that there will be pictures of this all over Canterlot by tomorrow.
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Very cute underwear. Flower pattern, frills, it being pink. Moderate sized cute breasts.

Rarity does prefer when her customer is in their underwear, so she can make accurate measurements directly on the body. But she does it out in the open, which means if someone else walks in, then that's going to get embarrassing.

… especially when Coco is wearing such cute underwear.