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safe1922109 artist:pirill326 oc811283 oc only598861 oc:fidget49 object pony851 original species30506 pony1269529 unicorn421578 :p11646 :t4157 bathtub2049 cheek fluff7560 chest fluff50693 clothes541081 cute228796 eyes closed115397 falling3043 female1557037 fidget spinner104 floppy ears62453 fluffy16257 flying45517 frown27442 glowing horn24299 grin50152 gritted teeth15716 levitation13854 lidded eyes37199 looking at you207802 looking up19857 magic83872 mare589595 mismatched socks166 on back28632 pointing4822 ponified45424 prone29932 raised hoof57432 reference sheet15460 shirt31052 shoulder fluff2438 silly8052 simple background481544 smiling316197 smirk15238 socks78821 solo1227596 striped socks24518 sunglasses17795 swegway14 tailcopter72 telekinesis32854 tongue out124078 wat20539 white background123858 🅱76


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Considering Derpibooru being in the European Union, and that EU is harder on false marketing (not that Derpibooru is selling anything), then maybe “hoverboard” is simply reserved for something that actually hovers.
Self-balancing scooter is one description I found.
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@Background Pony #D499  
Pogs are kind of hipster-y, but they’re a guilty pleasure of hers.
@Background Pony #F960  
Soon. Everyone, you heard the man, he demands lewd art!
@Beau Skunky  
They’re everywhere around here. Surprising how fast they took off. And I see your point about the word usage but I think it’s slowly becoming part of modern slang like “faggot” is for loser. I think most people make a conscious difference between the literal and slang use however and that’s the most important thing to take note of.
Nooo, you’re supposed to hate them!
I’m on so many layers of irony right now that I don’t even know anymore. Memes are good tho.
Beau Skunky
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Not stinky!
Fidget the midget horse!
I like her Tails impression. Oddly, I never really heard of “fidget spinners” before, but now I suddenly remember seeing ‘em in a store before, not knowing what they were. Weird.
(Also, hate to sound P.C., but I kinda hate how people use “autistic” as a replacement “more edgy/trendy” slang term for “retarded” now, especially considering they aren’t even the same thing.)