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safe1751037 screencap227479 sunset shimmer64811 pony1011039 unicorn342498 equestria girls207182 mirror magic2563 spoiler:eqg specials5467 anatomically incorrect4237 animated100840 belt5854 bipedal36223 book34539 butt65965 covering4031 cute205751 female1402328 gif32136 hooves on hips224 in the human world for too long93 incorrect leg anatomy1825 library3286 looking up17146 loop5397 mare502389 plot82141 portal1935 shimmerbetes4482 shy4329 smiling261124 solo1094695 teletoon536 twilight's castle4089 we don't normally wear clothes922


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Background Pony #0E46
Is it just me or are her eyes different from the first time she appeared in pony form?
Background Pony #A578
I like that this image is tagged anatomically incorrect, considering it's canon.
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Don't know about that. However what if human Rarity went through and found out that first she is a pony and second that she is naked… I'd love to see her freaking out! XD
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So the type of bag changed, this makes me wonder what would happen if Rarity went to the human world in one of her dresses.
Would it just alter to fit a human, or would it change to another thing?