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T-shirt design for Welovefine challenge: https://community.welovefine.com/m/fan-forge/designs/My-Little-Pony-Fan-Forge/list/id-2256
safe1598661 artist:tomatocoup331 daybreaker2538 nightmare moon15993 alicorn202287 pony867950 a royal problem2045 armor22048 chest fluff33402 cute183287 diabreaker74 duo51546 ear fluff24609 evil princest101 eye contact6160 female1271585 helmet9738 incest12526 lesbian91074 looking at each other17338 mane of fire1268 mare431887 moonabetes282 shipping186069 simple background353816 spread wings48938 transparent background183362 wings83875


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Background Pony #5206
@infinita est lux Solis
Now what will we name this ship
I have no idea.

Day and Night (is a good one)

We shall call this ship "Twilight Saga" because it involves New Moon and Breaking Dawn making an Eclipse.