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safe1723937 artist:tahublade7409 rarity183358 sweetie belle49328 anthro263878 plantigrade anthro33363 3d77847 alternate hairstyle28545 blue jeans47 boots22364 clothes466031 coat2892 cute202448 diasweetes2954 high heel boots5779 hoodie14398 jacket12704 jeans4212 jumping3415 leggings2087 pants14870 pigtails4842 puddle963 rain6146 rain boots60 raincoat252 raribetes5550 rubber boots12 shirt25420 shoes37484 sidewalk252 splashing299 umbrella2726


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Background Pony #2E87
Sweetie belle you need your umbrella and your raincoat with your rubber boots on and when you get home you’ll be all wet and go outsides in the rain and jump in puddles and stomp in mud and don’t forget to plug your ear and bend your knee and close your eyes when thunder make loud noises