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safe1614514 artist:lumineko2759 fluttershy202887 spike75711 spike the regular dog2398 dog8832 dance magic1466 equestria girls187376 spoiler:eqg specials5095 bed37864 bellyrubs1067 blushing182380 breasts253933 caress134 chair6239 cleavage32215 clothes425518 cute186065 descriptive noise1379 duo52744 eyes closed83995 female1285209 flutterspike527 male343444 off shoulder1221 onomatopoeia3582 open mouth129716 pants12955 scratching483 sewing machine535 shipping188203 shyabetes12435 skirt36988 smiling224320 spikabetes1913 spike the dog2523 spikelove1144 straight127729 tongue out94895 window7703


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Background Pony #8156
Yeah, being a young member of a super powerful race that lives for several millenia and eventually grows large and strong enough to take on entire armies, but while he waits for that, he enjoys a happy life being close friends with the ponies most of the fanbase apparently faps to every day, and would kill to meet in their dreams.

Yeah. That sounds horrible. Good thing this one pic exists…