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safe (1446940)artist:raikoh (886)daybreaker (2120)nightmare moon (15168)alicorn (167846)pony (714713)a royal problem (1965)armor (19119)barrier (153)duo (40108)female (776396)fight (5249)fire (8850)fire breath (445)helmet (8213)looking at each other (12984)magic (58602)mane of fire (1046)mare (345515)open mouth (106251)scene interpretation (7038)signature (15139)stars (11656)


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How did the uploader managed to get the original size? I touhght tumblr downsized all images to 1280 px or is it something they don’t anymore?
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Background Pony #141B
it’s pretty good, but if daybreaker’s jaw was open wider it would convey her ferosity better
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