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I got this idea and I thought it would be a pretty cute, and even sexy artwork. This is partly inspired by the episode, "Gauntlet of Fire", where it introduces Princess Ember, and another female dragon who's named Prominence. And not only did i find that dragon to be cute, the same applies to Ember. And the episode also features small lava pits as hot tubs. And this is where this artwork came around.

Spike went to visit the Dragon's Lair for a day and spend some time relaxing in the pits filled with lava. And while Spike was relaxing, two female dragons came by to relax too, Princess Ember and Prominence. Ember was off duty for a bit and wanted to try out the lava pits and Prominence was just hanging around. The two notice Spike in one of the pits, and this gave Ember an idea. After whispering her idea to Prominence, the two walked over to Spike and got in the pit. Then Spike sees the two dragons next to him, watching him in a lustful manner.

"What are you two doing here?, Spike wanted to know.

"Oh, we just thought we stop by and check up on the lava pits," Ember answered.

"But then we saw you here, and we want to stand by your side for a bit," Prominence said.

Spike's eyes open wide. Is this true, he thought. Do these two want to be with me? But before Spike could say another word, Ember began caressing his body. Spike felt his heart beat fast. Prominence then did the same. Spike's heart beat faster. But as the dragons rested on Spike's shoulders, the little dragon felt like he was in heaven.

He slowly sank into the lava as Ember and Prominence hold on. The three dragons stay submerged under the lava for quite a bit. Spike could no longer feel anything except the love the two dragons were giving him. Ember and Prominence held on to Spike's arms, as to not let him go. Spike was very happy in the situation he's in, but Ember and Prominence, who were originally just playing with him, somehow felt extremely hot, both literary and figuratively, inside and out, for the little dragon. He's too cute when he's like this, the two female dragons thought. But the two dragons had enough fun with Spike.

So they got out of the lava pit and brought Spike back to normal, with lots of cold water. Spike felt surprised by what happened. He looked to the two dragons and asked, "Can we do that again another time?" Ember and Prominence thought for a bit, "Maybe," was there response.

(Note: I REALLY had to take creative liberties on this one. Since there is no reference on what being under the lava looks like, I went with making it like being underwater in a hot tub, but have it be like a volcano. It makes no sense, but that's what art is for. Blending reality with fiction.)

Originally drawn in pencil. Colors, filters, shading, bubbles, background, steam, and edits doe in Photoshop.


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Background Pony #07AE
If Lava still looked like Lava under the surface, you'd be unable to see anything in this picture :P
Background Pony #8165
I'm 100% sure that if you commission/request an artist to remake this, it'll get a MUCH better reception
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Shaping of the characters definitely needs work, but you get points for an interesting concept here, plus underwater Ember is so very rare.