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I did a vector revamp of this image from long ago: aleximusprime.deviantart.com/a… That is an old classic and even though it was good the way it was, I figured since I've been futzing around with my vector puppets lately, I should take this opportunity. These are still the same show-accurate puppets I use for the Ask Accord blog as well as some of the Black Gryph0n fanart I've been making lately.For anyone wondering about the context: this is an image of my headcanon for the origins of Discord. Back when Tia and Luna were kids, he was not Discord yet, instead he was an alicorn senator named Accord and he favored harmony and balance over chaos and disorder. Something happens along the way that causes him to become Discord though and you will all see it in my work-in-progress fanfiction, "Age of the Alicorns: Chaos Rising" which you can read here: www.fimfiction.net/story/52310…And be sure to visit the Ask Accord blog which ties in with AotA here: askaccord.tumblr.com/MLPFIM © Hasbro
safe1723939 artist:aleximusprime1512 discord31280 princess celestia95705 princess luna99791 alicorn227908 absurd resolution66564 accord (alicorn)16 cewestia1800 cute202448 cutelestia3637 female1378657 filly67950 filly celestia352 filly luna350 lunabetes3604 male379003 pink-mane celestia2596 pony discord183 redone23 show accurate15914 simple background399945 transparent background205031 vector77333 woona5082 young1619 young celestia349 young discord67 young luna160 younger17554


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Background Pony #7513
Discord a never be a Alicorn, he be born as a draconequus and a never be a Aliorn or a pony, if he be , is only a disguise, we all know he really good in disguise, foul other is what he good on it before he be reform, the theory of him be a pony don't work, if he be the elements will turn him normal long ago!