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suggestive132510 artist:twistedgrim3 trixie63955 human146400 animated94126 big breasts73656 bouncing4482 bouncing breasts3477 breasts253870 busty trixie3763 calm your tits141 cape9513 clothes425446 cuffs (clothes)1107 curvy6103 cutie mark on human1797 female1285031 fishnets4876 gif28831 hat79436 huge breasts34420 humanized96378 laughing7393 leotard4299 lipstick10087 magician outfit535 noblewoman's laugh108 solo1002527 solo female171501 style emulation3721 trixie's cape3493 trixie's hat4286


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Magic Neighsayer
It's not the outfit that they're being reminded of. It's the character's usual laugh— which happens to be similar to this one being performed in this gif. Hence, they're reminded of the character. The picture itself is actually irrelevant.

How could I not insta-fav Trixie doing an over-the-top laugh while her massive boobs bounce rhythmically along with her?

AND TwistedGrim worked on it too? Archived for historians.

Lina would more likely Twilight…if solely for how annoyed she gets with Naga. Amelia could possibly be Starlight. On a side note, I haven't thought about or watched Slayers in forever…This is weird.