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Original sketch here >>1241944
suggestive164942 artist:kooner-cz301 artist:purple-yoshi-draws489 princess luna106446 pony1245646 absurd resolution69987 blushing227347 bottom heavy998 butt148767 crown22770 female1535199 horseshoes2474 jewelry83775 looking at you203250 looking back69255 mare577264 moonbutt4032 peytral4516 plot103781 plump7775 praise the moon603 prone29406 regalia26895 simple background471829 solo1209570 solo female199269 the ass was fat17239 thick5141 transparent background235799 underhoof59155 vector82253


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Colored Diamond.
Thats some spectacular vectorization,i tried inkscape once and ragequit when all my curves and nodes where sliding all over the place.