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suggestive139959 artist:joe-anthro72 starlight glimmer47929 sunset shimmer61945 trixie66557 pony943674 ass48050 bunset shimmer1678 crown16310 crushing642 fart2155 fart fetish1020 fat21726 female1340741 fetish38904 gassy94 glimmer glutes1191 huge butt9554 impossibly large butt7025 jewelry61299 large butt16063 morbidly obese7693 obese11330 regalia19182 slobset shimmer230 starlard glimmer184 sweat25685 the great and bountiful trixie292 the great and flatulent trixie20 the great and powerful ass1016


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Background Pony #70DA
It's hot, but I'd prefer it without the weird green fart cloud. Those things are just ridiculous.

It looks like a smelly flower, with their butts being the petals. And Twilight being the center… part. Yeah.