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Because people asked for it…

…and because I needed it too.

Original by TwistedGrim.

Sorry for the double post, had to fix the shiny effect. It looked kinda odd and pinkish on smaller screens.

If a mod could replace the old one >>1485325 with this one I’d appreciate it. [Done]
suggestive (112794)artist:twistedgrim (2)color edit (6218)edit (97652)trixie (55925)equestria girls (159176)animated (84524)anti-gravity boobs (623)big breasts (56199)bouncing (2864)bouncing breasts (2094)breasts (202726)busty trixie (3010)calm your tits (115)cape (7598)cleavage (27245)clothes (354556)colored (15274)cuffs (clothes) (907)curvy (5113)cutie mark (33803)cutie mark on equestria girl (734)eqg recolor (62)female (756918)fishnets (3986)gif (23886)hat (64474)huge breasts (25685)impossibly large breasts (12159)laughing (6125)leotard (3631)lipstick (8057)magician outfit (411)noblewoman's laugh (84)pony coloring (2402)solo (873794)solo female (154623)spherical breasts (127)that pony sure does love t-cups (4)trixie's cape (2872)trixie's hat (3528)

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