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Pacific Breeze  
Age: 25  
Species: Pegasus  
Height: 6’1”  
Hometown: Californeigha  
Occupation: Lifeguard/Store Clerk  
Mane Color: Tradewind/Spindle  
Coat Description: Golden Sand  
Eye Color: Purple  
Accessories: Californeighan Flower  
Hobbies/Interests: sunbathing, lifeguard duty, family market, listens to heavy metal
One of the twin Pegasi who lives on the coasts of Californeigha. She and other pegasi are responsible for making the wind necessary for waves on the beaches. When she’s not on weather duty, she’s mostly working at their family’s general store or hanging out with friends mostly on the beaches.
Pacific Breeze is taken as more responsible sibling of the two. As she was born first, she’d always call Jet Wave her “little brother” as they’ve both have had a sibling rivalry since birth. She’s earned her life-guard training certificate and has been known to be an excellent surfer. Unfortunately because of “puberty” she’s rather slow while swimming in the water on her own, and his brother would rub his victories in her face.
safe1752792 artist:flash equestria photography555 oc712981 oc only465980 oc:pacific breeze56 pegasus309956 anthro269969 unguligrade anthro50311 anthro ponidox446 barbie doll anatomy1600 belly button81471 big breasts86198 breasts289162 cutie mark49815 female1403851 flower26751 flower in hair8081 reference sheet13215 show accurate anthro77 simple background409916 spread wings57204 wings123550


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Flash Equestria, AKA the Milkhorse, hasn’t put anthros on their commission list yet but they ARE being offered, at $15 an angle. With the normal pony side-by-side, this shoulda been around $20 altogether. Not bad if you’re wanting ref pics of your OC.