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New My Little Pony The Movie toy spotted at a Target in California.

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Background Pony #873E

@Background Pony #81A7
Wait, if Twilight’s magic is stolen by the Storm King, is it true that her cutie mark is still there because the Storm King did something so different than Lord Tirek?

Background Pony #81A7

@Background Pony #C9DC
Storm king stealing their magic might work differently from how Tirek stole magic; they might keep their cutie marks but just be reduced to the extreme weakness.

Background Pony #81A7

@Background Pony #3042
Storm king steals their magic in the movie. His plot looks to basically be tirek’s, “steal all the alicorn magic”. Which is probably why Twilight’s saying that she’s the one tempest wants (last alicorn left)

Background Pony #3A80

What’s with Celestia, Luna and Cadance being grayscale? Have they been turned into stone?

Background Pony #81A7

@Background Pony #1D5A


Tempest has a different body style and very distinctive eyes shapes compared to most other ponies, and that doesn’t translate well when you’re just trying to use pre-existing molds for cheap by the books toys. Hence when she looks terrible here.

You basically have to have GOH level stuff with distinct molding for everyone to make her look decent, and this is clearly the bargain bin “collection” stuff.

My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Maybe it’s just the picture quality but the Tempest figure doesn’t look too good, so I’ll probably pass on it. The packaging with the pictures of the characters “peeking over” is pretty cute though.

Background Pony #52B3

Now I want a Rainbow Dash with her true mane please, you know, all the SIX COLORS.