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*Here are some cannon ships of mine that involve some ponies other then the mane six. Hope you guys enjoy them!*

Spike x Thorax (Creature Comforts) — Fate brought them together, and friendship and time created the bond that would eventually blossom into love. Both being oddballs surrounded by a sea of ponies, they were drawn to one another from the get go. Spike helped teach Thorax about giving love instead of stealing it, and boy did Thorax learn to give love, hue hue hue. Their relationship was one everyone saw coming.

Starlight Glimmer x Trixie (Devious Witches) — At first they had a teacher, student relationship with a strong friendship mixed in. Starlight, a incredibly strong unicorn, took Trixie, the washed up, angry, "magician" under her hoof with Twilight's guidance. Starlight taught Trixie how to do actual magic, turning different objects into tea cups, as well as a variety of other simple spells, causing Trixie to grow a strong admiration for her teacher. They had their fights, their ups and downs, but through the fighting and comical spell mishaps a different bond began to form. The great and mighty Trixie was the first to realize these feelings, and she expressed these feelings by becoming an obnoxious in your face flirt. Starlight was supper flustered at first but realized she quite enjoyed Trixie playfully noming on her ear, and smacking her flank randomly, and missed Trixie when she wasn't around, or touching her.

Trenderhoof x Derpy Hooves (Gentle Hooves) — After his first adventures at Ponyville, Trenderhoof eventually found himself wanting to return, and on this second go about he met the somewhat simple minded, but incredibly kind Derpy. Derpy is a bit of a mess, and she met Trenderhoof by flying into him on accident. Thankfully Trenderhoof isn't as stuck up as many ponies of the under class, and so instead of getting upset he picked himself up and cracked a joke. Derpy was drawn to his kindness and so an unlikely friendship formed. At first Trenderhoof admittedly just saw her for her simple mindedness, and lazy eye, but as he got to know her, he began to see her depth. Derpy was not as simple minded as she appeared, and even once purposely crashed into an upperclassmen pony to prevent someone else from getting an angry scolding. Derpy and Trenderhoof began having long, interment talks about dreams, and other personal stories. Trenderhoof quickly became infatuated with Derpy, feeling blessed that he knew a side of Derpy that few knew about, and even fewer had seen. Derpy became drawn to Trenderhoofs kindness, and his willingness to stick up for her when she made a mistake, and how he was always there to pick her up when she fell. It was an unusual beginning to say the least, but they both managed to find love and happiness in an unusual place.

Octavia x Treehugger (Medicinal Inspiration) — Octavia was a genius in her prime, but with all her skill and stress she began feeling the pressures of a lack of imagination. Octavia quickly found herself in a writers block, and frantic for help, she turned to her friends for advice. Vinyl, a pony more open, took Octavia to see Treehugger a small earth pony with dread locks, with an all natural plant that might help her write music again. Octavia was very hesitant at first, but thanks to Vinyl giving Octavia a bit of a history lessen aka, old and current musical ponies used this method to create master pieces , she relented. It worked, and whenever Octavia found herself to be drowning in a sea of worries, or once again got writers block she's turn to Treehugger. Treehugger quickly became a bit of a calm, safe, space for Octavia herself. Being a pony that did't worry much about reputation or appearances, she merely enjoyed life, was very soothing to a stressed Octavia, and Octavia soon found she couldn't stay away from the little green mare. Treehugger welcomed her presence with open hooves, and when Octavia finally mentioned she might have began to develop feelings for her Treehugger reciprocated them, and gave her soft, gentle kisses all over. Now Octavia and Tree enjoy their time together as a couple, and in their private time Octavia will play calming violin music to accompany her babes peaceful meditation.

Neon Lights x Vinyl Scratch (Electric Lights) — Neon and Vinyl were friends for a long time. Brought together by similar interests they often found their worlds colliding, sometimes intentional, other times not. At first they were hidden friends, music rivals on the surface, and would often battle each other with beats, and zips. When they came out as friends their careers collided, and they began to make collaberation music together, as well as star in random commercials. Being around each other so much made them feel weird and alone without the other, and so a relationship quickly formed.

Thunderlane x Soarin (Cloudy Skies) — Thunderlane had always has a bit of a crush on the happy, and friendly Soarin, and so often watched him from afar. Soarin had, had a crush on Rainbowdash for a while, and when she and Gilda became a thing he quickly became a bit distracted, and distant. Thunderlane, distraught to see a person he admired so much going through such a tough time pushed down his nerves and talked to Soarin. Over time Thunder became a dear friend to Soarin, who was completely oblivious to his Thunders romantic feelings for him. Things would have probably continued with the two just being close friends were it not for Thunders younger brother accidentally outing him to the white stallion. Thunderlane was incredibly embarrassed, and Soarin needed to sort out his feelings, so for a while they avoided each other. Soarin grew to miss Thunder though, and decided to seek him out. Their relationship was very slow at first, and it took some time for Soarin to admit to himself he had feelings for the strong, dark stallion, but when he did the relationship blossomed into something so magical it made other couples jealous.
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9 comments posted
Ba'al Pungo

Dude, if none of the ships here are actually canon to any stretch of the imagination, why complain over who ships whomever with whomever and make it sound like your headcanons "less wrong" than this person's? Not like it'll change anything.
Background Pony #4B15
I get that, my problem was that you said "since when is [character] gay" as if "gay" or "straight" were the ONLY possible sexual orientations for these characters. It was less the ship criticism and more the bi erasure I was annoyed by—I don't get how hard it is to say "since when is [character] attracted to their own sex?"
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Artist -
Since the Beginning  -

@Background Pony #0AA2
And? My point still stands. In show canon, Spike has shown 0 attraction to any male characters outside of friendship while he lusts after Rarity. Also remember, I said you're not wrong for shipping the characters, just remember that, no matter how much you like the ships, chances are the show won't see the same way.
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Artist -
Since the Beginning  -

"**Here are some cannon ships of mine…"

I think you mean *HEAD
canon. None of these are canon to the shows world.

First: Since when has Spike ever been gay?

Second: Apparently you can't just be friends anymore.

Third: No comment. All we know is Trender liked Applejacks country girl look, and that Derpy is a scatter brain.

Fourth: No comment. Don't know enough about Octavia, and only know that what's her face is super mega hippie.

Fifth: Has ALWAYS just been a fan pairing. As far as we know the two of them have never met each other.

Sixth: Again, since when has EITHER of them been proven to be gay? In fact, Thunderlane seemed to be a bit of a ladies man. Seemed to be getting pretty close to Cloud Kicker and what's her face.

Not saying it's wrong to ship these characters, but there's a difference in something being truly canon, and said thing being a head canon.
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After reading through it, I like the little story for Octavia and Tree Hugger. A bit strange, but makes a sort of sense. That said, I don't think that Octavie would use the smoking methodology. Maybe something like having it in a baked good, or maybe turning it into a tea.