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-Are you sure?

Oh dear, perhaps I do need a moment! Heavily repressed filly-hood memories of being trapped under your enormous buttocks are surfacing!

-Very funny.

It was most traumatizing!

That last ask got me thinking about the Big Celly story. Meh, I like it. Just goofy and fun. It also made me want to draw up a sort of continuation/ conclusion to the first little comic, so here we are after a morning of chill draws. Hue. Butt. Huehue.
suggestive145204 artist:raps195 princess celestia95704 princess luna99791 alicorn227908 pony984319 comic:big celly11 absurd resolution66564 blushing200495 both cutie marks10539 butt crush289 butt destruction13 covering face140 crush fetish525 crushing690 cute202448 destruction1519 dialogue66360 embarrassed11537 faceful of ass1246 facesitting3387 female1378653 fetish40639 giant pony4695 giantlestia365 macro11053 mare489532 ncmares is trying to murder us59 plot80356 ponyquin150 praise the sun2065 royal sisters4522 sitting64215 size difference14561 sunbutt4105 the ass was fat13995 wallpaper18713 wallpaper for the fearless1767 wide eyes17186 wing fluff1650 wing hands2100


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Background Pony #4509
It's time to CRACK the Sunbutt code, right underneath her massive tail! =)
Background Pony #4509
And I thought the original conclusion to this comic was heavenly, this is even more so!
Background Pony #F980
Seig heil to the elevated bearer of her royal majesty's most grandiose posterior: Sun Butt!

Wow. Celestia's tail alone slammed strong enough to smash a house into pieces, and Luna took the full force of Celestia's flank crashing into her and can still speak while under all that pressure.

This calls for three questions:
1) Is there a limit to Luna's durability inside a dream? Can she take anything her giant sister can do, accident or not?
2) Why is Celestia asking questions first before standing up? Was she waiting for Luna to push herself from under her and answer her question?
3) How long Celestia is planning to sit on her sister? Being ashamed and shocked is one thing, but she sure is taking her time. At this rate Luna will have to free herself by using all of her strength, which won't be easy.
Background Pony #9D6F
NC is drawing more big Celly.

Oh, my poor, poor heart. I'm not sure how much I can handle from this.