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artist needed26067 source needed15041 safe1726207 applejack171462 fluttershy214784 king sombra14058 spike79460 twilight sparkle302994 :d1232 and then spike was gay100 blushing200846 crack shipping3699 exclamation point3883 eyes closed95527 female1380587 foe yay38 gay28037 gay in front of girls529 kissing24996 male379770 open mouth149752 question mark4612 shipping202726 shocked7092 smiling254112 spikebra10 wat19349 wide eyes17206 wingding eyes22842 yaoi fangirl37


not provided yet


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Background Pony #8356
Now that I think about it seeing this, Twilight would be perfect as a "Yaoi Fangirl".