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"When we lose… because of you… there will be nothing. No plan. No future. We will only be has-beens. And you want to amount to something? Well, here is the brutal fucking truth. And you can hate me, you can be disgusted, you can feel whatever it is you wanna feel. Because frankly, I'm beyond caring. But without me, you are nothing. And you have always known that from the very beginning. And if you now can't stomach that, well, then I'm a fool for having you back in the first place. But I don't have time to be a fool. I have to run this country. I'm doing my job. Twilight is out there doing her job. And it's time now for you to do yours. You want me to take charge? Fine. I will take charge. You will come with me tomorrow. You will smile and shake hooves and kiss babies. And you will stand with me on a stage. And you will be my sister! And you do all that, I don't give a damn if you vomit on your own time."


Parody of House of Cards, Season 3 Finale.

God I love those lines. Kevin Spacey is just… superb.
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Background Pony #A1FF
This is awful. No offense to the artist, but to take joy in abusing, mocking and strangling…Even imaginary…is disturbing. Celestia is a monster here. And that is not superb.