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A request for DeviantArt user ’JBlaser’. Sorry, I haven’t done the make-up on RD and AJ. =( But I hope you like it anyways! ;D
Actually, for me it was a lot of fun creating this picture especially the lighting part! =) Hope you all like it!

Rarity: Oh, girls! You look simply fabulous in these new dresses!
Applejack: Rarity, Ah know we kinda lost a bet to ya but really! It’s not practical, stupid and really fancy-pants! This dress looks ridiculous on me! Not to say that I ain’t gonna go to no fashion display in it!
Rainbow: Yeah… It looks so-o-o faminine. I feel embarrased wearing it! Not cool!
Rarity: Beauty requires sacrifice, girls.
Applejack: Well, I don’t wanna be its sacrifice in that case!
Rainbow: Yeah, me neither!
Rarity: Okay, okay, darlings, we almost finished. There’s only one small detail that requires accomplishment!
Applejack: And what is that?
Rarity: Make-up!
Applejack and Rainbow: NO-O-O-O-O-O!!!
safe1613283 artist:charlydasher80 applejack162380 fancypants1820 rainbow dash223792 rarity173520 pony880914 3d67552 applejack also dresses in style138 applejack is not amused607 ashamed102 bet77 embarrassed10518 fabric579 featureless crotch6446 female1283849 forced makeover76 girly1143 inside399 interior519 makeover405 mirror4878 plot72976 rainbow dash always dresses in style1561 rainbow dash is not amused486 raised tail13953 rear131 scissors1039 sewing machine535 source filmmaker41012 spool134 tail22174 tomboy taming364 unamused14595


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