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The compilation of my sketch in their real format.

Truffle is lonely. So he cut his souls and mind into two and create a partner for his life.

I do just want to digitalized my sketch because paper is not good medium for long time.
I do plan to colour them, but not now. I'll pick them up when I have time.
safe1751071 artist:truffle shine200 oc712264 oc only465674 oc:cordyceps sparkle35 oc:truffle shine49 bird8782 butterfly7296 earth pony266181 fish2696 pony1011069 absurd resolution67011 alcohol7475 alternate hairstyle29084 apple juice248 ball3985 ballroom49 bandage5834 bandaid1982 basket3212 bathing1014 bed42362 bench2646 bird seed37 blanket5527 blushing204737 book34541 bottle4275 box4830 bucket2429 burger1947 candle4905 carton21 chair7110 clothes476233 cloud32105 coffee4004 compilation552 couch8703 crepuscular rays3158 crying44829 dinner239 dress46079 duo64785 exercise699 female1402345 firewood34 first aid kit145 fishing rod387 food72999 grass10159 hammer1769 hay burger641 hug29145 jewelry68368 juice1367 lampshade148 leaves2033 lemonade197 lineart21229 log718 logs26 lying down19677 male388182 mare502398 martini306 massage1129 medicine205 milk4811 moon24113 mop236 mug4415 nails401 net333 nuzzling4084 on back25048 paper3313 picnic basket569 picnic blanket988 pillow18660 playing1527 popcorn1565 prone26357 quill2755 reading6428 remote311 rule 6327492 running6154 sack365 saddle bag6020 safety goggles377 saw339 screwdriver366 sick1755 signature26944 simple background409322 sitting65614 sketch64561 smartwatch17 soap727 spilled milk369 stairs1719 stallion115789 stool1745 straw2032 suit6135 table9518 tears of joy2643 tiara4266 toolbox152 tools248 tree33533 tree trunk47 truffle shine's sketch series32 vest4010 wall786 washing310 watch1473 water14256 welding53 wheel495 white background102523 window8933 wine2634 wood796 wrench758


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"Truffle is lonely. So he cut his souls and mind into two and create a partner for his life."

That escalated quickly.

However, I will say that would be a tempting possibility if existed, but not very healthy probably.