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dead source25448 safe1767216 artist:tracerhorse7 daybreaker2954 princess celestia97231 alicorn235663 pony1027123 adorable distress564 burning631 canvas413 caricature66 chibi14960 crown18227 crying45262 cute207692 cutelestia3688 female1416356 fire11908 halp41 horseshoes2304 jewelry70245 looking at you178126 mare509694 on fire201 open mouth157674 peytral3849 regalia21520 running6227 solo1106528 tongue out109750


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Background Pony #54AD
STOP! YOUR HURTING HER :( JUST STOP!hugs celestia (??? Still drawning* telling ??? to stop drawning** ??? Stops drawningand celestia is happppy (THE END)
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

*Blocks Your Path*
I think what he means is  
“Hey turn into Daybreaker so I can draw you!”  
“Ok anon! *bursts into flames*”  
“;_; How was that?”