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Celestia awesome todo list:

1) Steal Luna's Underwear
2) …
3) Profit!
suggestive145257 artist:kasaler102 princess celestia95732 alicorn228016 pony984967 anthro264019 absolute cleavage3549 arm behind head6517 armpits43160 belly button79296 bellyring1448 blue underwear2465 bra16148 breasts282541 busty princess celestia10377 choker12412 cleavage35055 clothes466307 crown17438 cutie mark48363 cutout underwear4 female1379259 frilly underwear4482 full moon3490 grin39483 jewelry65474 legs together895 mare489805 moon23710 multicolored mane1601 multicolored tail1220 nail polish7914 night26817 panties50785 piercing42009 praise the sun2065 purple eyes2440 regalia20519 royalty1234 sexy29991 smiling253673 solo1076568 solo female181243 sparkles4636 stars15892 stitched underwear4 stupid sexy celestia1583 thief357 tiara4119 underwear61564 underwear swap126 wings110881


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