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explicit326624 artist:burgerkiss500 idw14647 queen chrysalis33352 shining armor22066 anthro239794 spoiler:comicfiendshipismagic578 armor22308 bed37845 bedroom9079 breasts253754 busty queen chrysalis3389 clothes425292 female1284723 heart44560 implied infidelity325 implied shining chrysalis31 implied shipping4555 implied straight5185 infidelity5714 inverted nipples1664 male343245 nipples151271 nudity343098 offscreen character31142 shining chrysalis396 shipping188140 socks59533 solo1002247 solo female171465 stockings29754 straight127678 thigh highs30422 unconvincing armor1062 wingless3617 wingless anthro1794


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