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Coloured @pabbley ‘s sketch for him
suggestive134912 artist:pabbley2282 artist:pastelhorses287 starlight glimmer46416 trixie64877 twilight sparkle291321 pony901469 unicorn293783 assisted exposure1736 blushing185966 clothes434351 counterparts863 cute189173 diatrixes3003 dirndl69 dress42105 female1302410 glimmerbetes3652 lesbian92868 magical trio442 mare448298 open mouth132921 shipping191164 simple background369665 skirt37626 skirt lift4607 smiling229518 startrix2742 transparent background192052 trio7937 twiabetes11082 twilight's counterparts886 twistarlight523 twixie5008 twixstar63


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Background Pony #F907
Trixie: hey Guard Boy!
Flash: what you want trixie(flash dont look her!)
Starlight: oh come on Flash! look us plz! plus twilight want to tell something!
Flash: fine.?!?
Trixie: you like the vue Flash?
Starlikght: yes you are!
Twilight: sorry Flash! is the idea of trixie and starlight!
Flash fall to the ground on his ass!
Flash: starlight,trixie dont do this agains!
Starlight: no promese!
Trixie: now we let you and Sparkle togeter in this room!
Twilight and Flash: HEY PUT US DOWN!
Starlight: sorry! but you mose tell you know what to him!
Trixie: and we not let you out! but only you tell him!
Flash: tell me What?
both be seal in twilight bed room!
Twilight: HEY is my bed Room! plz Girls i not ready for this!
Starlight: sorry! but we only let you go were tell you know what to him! and is cadance idea!
Twilight: Cadance!? oh great!
Trixie: discord put a spell to make sure you be here all the time you need! and the seal will broke only if you tell him! you know what! you try to tell but everytime you run a way! cadance make him your royal guard and you still run a way!
Starlight: so is time to tell him! trixie and i will go and do fun time and will come back in 2 houre! if you dont tell him is me who tell him! so you can do it!
Twilight: no plz i not ready! girls? Girls? oh great! sealing in my own bed room!
flash: Princess twilight! what thos plan by put and sealing us in your bed room! * no is not possible be seal in a girl bed room but is not a normal girl bed rooms but Princess Twilight Royal Bed Room!*
Twilight and Flash be in the room for 1 houre and 50 minute! both try to escape but uesless! discord a make sure both be here for all the time is need for twilight to tell what to flash!
Twilight: ok ok ok! i will! (flash look her) Flash i ..fall .. lo.ve.with you!
Flash: you fall in love with me?
Twilight: yes ..and is start were i go and come back to a other dimention! but this i will tell were i ready for tell you! but my feel for you become great and great! and i try to tell you ….but fear you reject me!
Flash: why i reject the mose beautifull mare of equestria! me too i fall in love with you but i fear your big brother be overprotecter!
Twilight: got feeling for me?
Flash:yes and if is not clear! i say it! Twilight i love you!
Twilight: i love you too Flash!
the door be unlock!
Starlight: see! is not so hard!
Trixie: now you two got a date and we a make all ready for you two!
Shining: yes…..!
Cadance: shining dont be like!
Twilight: * ok next time i do the same for you starlight! all i need is the pony you fall in love! i will ask cadance for this hehehe!* so you make all this for me?
shining: yes i make sure no paparasite try to scoup on you and make thing hard you two!
Twilight: thanks BBBFF! let flash ..if you dont mind!
flash: is ok! and i all i can for you!
Twilight: aww!
Rarity: but first you two need be ready so come twilight to spa and my place to get dress up Princess! oh you too need be ready and come to my place and i hope you be ready! oh the houre is 7 pm! so be ready flash! now twilight!
Twiliht: ok ok!
Flash: is the best day of my live! ( Flash look the face of shining armor!) and my hell a started too! hehehe!
Cadace: shining armor let flash alone or will sleep who you dont want sleep!
Shining: but Honey!
Cadance: no is no shining! if dont want be punishe like this right for Flurry you better let him and twilight be happy!
plus Flurry like flash!
Flurry: Fleshi!
Flash: aww! she try to say my name!
Flurry: Fleshi, twily!
velvet: aww! she like her mother try be a princess of love!
Flurry: uncla Fleshi, aunty Twily!
night light: is look flurry a chooce her uncle! hahaha!
Flash: wow!
Shining: if me or Flurry got no problem to say aunty twily!
Cadance: you are right! she can't say the name of other but Twight nick name say it with no problem! me i think she will say mama or papa!
Flurry look Cadance and see her sad!
Flurry: m.m.a..MAMA!
Cadance:?! she say it!
Flurry: Mama , p..p..a. PAPA! MAMA, PAPA!
Shining: she say it!
velvet: i think flurry dont like you be sad!
cadance: is look ta way!
Night Light: well Flash go make twilight happy!
Flash: dont worry! i finish my turn of guard and i go be ready! and i be ready befor 7 pm! i think will 6 and 30 pm if i go now so bye!
everypony: bye!
the rest of the story is in your mind! the story can turn to prom on her first date with flash or is a normal date like a classic love story! but no flash be jeck! and no other mare or stallion on it is only twilight and flash love story! but can put some funny thing! or a bad guy kidnape twilight and mose save his love! but all this is your part of the story! if dont like flashlight is your problem , not mine!