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Holy crap, what's this? I made a new OC!

Introducing Varý Katastroféa the cyclops pony!
She's a gigantic, chubby, lazy oomph, (don't tell her I said that…)
She usually spends most of her time devouring large areas of trees and plants or lounging about and sleeping. She doesn't even bathe or tend to her personal hygiene at all! Although to be fair, when you're that big, it's kinda hard to find a bathtub that will work.

She also has a tendency to always be grumpy, especially toward smaller citizens of Equestria (or any critter that can talk for that matter). If anypony is foolish enough to approach her, they will very likely wind up being flattened. She will often even flatten anypony she happens to spot within what she decides is her territory.

She also has a complete disregard for any rules, regulations, or authority that is not her own, and will do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. If she happens to spot a tasty looking field of crops, she will just help herself, usually devouring half the farm in one sitting, and if anypony is stupid enough to try to confront her, they may end up as her seat cushion, or even an additional part of her meal.

Some more fun facts about her is that she is incredibly strong, able to pluck full grown trees out of the ground like they were dandelions or create a quake and fissure by stomping the ground. She is also incredibly strong magically speaking, being more magically powerful than Celestia, Luna, and Twilight combined, however she can only perform the most basic of spells such as levitation. Also, her hide is incredibly tough and thick, so throwing a spear at her or launching a rock at her, or even blasting her with magic will probably only irritate her. So basically, you wouldn't be able to beat her through strength or magic, and would instead have to try outwitting her instead.

Her cutie mark is the Greek symbol for strength, her special talent obviously being her insuperable physical and magical strength.
Her name is Greek for "Heavy Destroyer". At least according to Google Translate it is. Although, if you try translating the other way, from Greek to English, the translation is "Hot Catastrophe"…. Both ways work! XP

Varý's design was heavily inspired by the cyclops pony in this pic, >>739971 and looking between the two, I may actually have to change her hair a little or add something else to her… At least the color scheme will be different! ;

Conveniently, a royal guard pony just happened to find himself standing right behind the big cyclops pony to offer a nice size comparison for you guys (and probably getting an awesome view). Although he'd better hope Varý doesn't notice him there, or he may wind up being a butt-print.


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