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safe2117155 artist:pixelkitties1213 bon bon18514 fluttershy251979 pinkie pie249950 sweetie drops18514 alien1865 earth pony422715 pegasus471100 pony1478308 g41926513 andrea libman558 bon bon is not amused1136 born again1 carrot2780 cigarette smoking man2 cutie mark51528 dana scully16 dark room312 female1738837 fish bowl75 flashlight (object)798 food97176 fox mulder16 halloween13014 holiday32124 id card320 light2192 mare702584 nightmare night6079 parody17215 pixelkitties' brilliant autograph media artwork124 s.m.i.l.e.91 science fiction914 secret agent sweetie drops447 the x files48 unamused23151 voice actor joke2472


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Memetic eldritch horror
Fluttershy: hey, isn’t that fishbowl the exact same one sweetie belle kept dreaming about before she got all quiet and those cops flew out the window mysteriously  
Pinkie: oh I’m sure it’s a coincidence( flings fishbowl against the wall)  
Fluttershy: why did we hire her?  
Bon bon: you ever take meth then start the recruitment session
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I miss the show so much
The fish tank Pinkie’s holding is a reference to The X-Files episode Born Again. See the “guest appearances” section to see what this has to do with pony.