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Another moment from the MLP dream/movie I watched in my sleep one.

Lyra counter-steered and applied more throttle as the back end of her sedan started to break away as she took the turn well over the posted speed limit. The squeal of tires could just be heard over the siren and the roar of the V-8 engine as they raced through the streets of Baltimare to respond to an All Available Forces Alert that had gone out just a couple minutes. Lyra and Sweetie Drops, Bon-Bon, were assigned to undercover, and tonight they had been off-duty and heading for a well deserved night off when the AAFA had gone out. Information in the alert had been scant.

Short-term portal opened in Gold Hoof Park. Strong enemy combatant attacking local population. Local law enforcement engaging the enemy. All available forces respond immediately by any means. Subjects down, officer down.

Bon-Bon split her time between monitoring the comm channel for further data and looking out for other motorists and pedestrians. This became more critical as they got closer to the incident as they encountered more ponies fleeing in the street and motorists frantically trying to get out of the area. Combined with streets made slick by a recent rain shower and Lyra had her hands full.

"Turn left at the next intersection!" Said the earth pony as she looked at nav system in the car. "That'll get us within a block of the incident. We'll proceed on foot from there!"

"Left! Roger that." Said the unicorn as she threw the car around the corner. Lyra had just enough time to get the car straighten out to see a newspaper box heading straight for the windshield.

"SHIT!" Screamed the mare as she swerved hard to avoid the improvised projectile. A fraction of a second later she slammed on the brakes bringing the car to a sliding stop. Less than 100 yards away a Night Stomper was standing in the street towering above the cars in the street. Shutting off the lights and siren the two mares bailed out of the car and made for the back of the vehicle. As Lyra exited she hit the button automatically opening the trunk.

With cars lights and siren off the Night Stomper gave the car no further attention and returned it to the sporadic gunfire that was coming from the park. Frantically Lyra and Bon-Bon grabbed their long-arms and some spare magazines. Then they ran and took cover behind concrete planter box.

"Sun and Moon! A Night Stomper! Here in the middle Baltimare? Shit! Couldn't mention that in the damn alert?" Cursed the unicorn. "Bon-Bon, How soon till more backup arrives?!"

Sweetie Drops had already donned her headset and mike and was conveying to someone the situation. After a few more seconds she looked at her partner.

"At least 7 minutes! The air force is vectoring to Striker gunships but they're concerning about civilian noncoms in the area. Baltimare PD is at least 10+ because of traffics. There are two unicorns teleporting their way to Baltimare but due to the distance they won't be able to make the final leg jump for another 15+ minutes."

The earth pony looked at her partner. "Lyra, we are the back up for these guys."

The Night Stomper let out a howl as the surviving police officers let loose another volley carbine and pistol fire at the lumbering creature. Unfortunately their 5.56mm and 9x19mm fire was doing little to injury the creature. At the moment their plan seemed to be that of distracting the monster from the fleeing civilians by firing at it briefly. It was working but it also meant the Stomper was getting a better idea where they were and was moving toward them. Still they kept playing this deadly game of cat and mouse.

"This is not good!" Said Lyra." She dropped the 50rd drum magazine from her HK51 compact .308 rifle YouTube and stared at it. "Bon-Bon, please tell me Princess Celestia sent you package full of top-secret, super ammunition because you're a good pony."

The earth pony rocked out the 12rd box magazine from her 12ga shotgun and looked at. "Sorry dear. Just phase-change penetrator slugs and incendiary shot."

Another volley of gunfire echoed amongst the tall building of the downtown.

Sweetie Drops sighed. "But those guys have even less firepower than we do." She paused and looked her little black dress and then Lyra's. "If nothing else we're going to be the sexiest rescue party ever!"

"Those assholes better buy us a drink!" Grumbled Lyra. "Okay let's do this!"

Fortunately sneaking up on the Night Stomper was very little trouble. Especially since it's opponent was firing from another direction. The two mares got within in 50yds of the lumbering monster then they stopped and looked at each other.

Lyra grinned. "Okay let's light up the night!" She flipped the selector full-auto. "Aim for the head Bon-Bon. It's the only target worth hitting and it's as big as my car anyways.

When Lyra found the HK51 slumbering in the back of the base armory and decided to put it into use, the base armorer had asked her if she wanted her to put a weapon light on it? Having just come back from a night fire training session with it Lyra jokingly said no since the HK51 made more than a enough light by itself.

Lyra pulled the weapon tight against her shoulder, and leaned forward and put most of her weight was on her front hoof. She had a clean side shot of the Stomper's head. She settled the dot of her sight on one of the eyes near where she figured its brain must be and pressed trigger. For the next few seconds all of her attention was focused keeping sawed off battle rifle on target. The thunderous concussion of firing a .308 from such a short barrel, pounding recoil and bonfire size muzzle flash became her world.

She was only slightly aware of the roar of her partner's automatic 12ga, and she could feel herself sliding backwards a bit as her hoofs struggled to find traction on the rain slick sidewalk. A part of her mind also registered the results of Destabilized Mage Crystal tearing chunks of monsters hide off and at least one eyeball detonating. Her brain also acknowledged the effect of Sweetie Drops 12ga slugs creating erupting geysers of ichor and enveloping the brute's head in fire as the incendiary shot found its mark. Then their weapons went empty.

For its part the Night Stomper let loose a great howl of pain. It frantically swung its head from side to side and waved its tree trunk size arms as if it was trying to swat away a swarm of stinging hornets. This continued for a couple seconds after they mares stopped firing. Then it looked at them.

"Well fuck! RELOAD!" Yelled Lyra as she dropped the drum and pulled a 20rd stick magazine from her purse. She was aware of her partner doing the same thing. They raised their weapons again when from above and behind there was a thunderous, crackling roar; then great bolt of purple lightning struck the monster in the head. The brute's head detonated. A fraction of a second later another bolt hit the Stomper square in the chest with a enough force that its arms were forcefully torn from its body. The steaming carcass toppled slowly into the street. Then street was bathed in spotlights.

Spinning around Lyra and Sweetie Drops watched as a pair of Striker armored gunship slowly approached the downed monster. floating on a couple hundred above the street their levitators caused the trees on the street to sway and shake. The gunships stopped about even with the mares and hovered their for a couple seconds. Then one of the pilots toggled the loudspeaker on their craft.

"Target is down. Target is down. Ladies thank you for your help. A troop transport will be arriving in 2 minutes to secure the area. Please report the commanding officer. Over."

Lyra pointed at the nearest gunship and yelled at the top of her lungs.


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