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Trixie Day was hosted on but collection submissions were not displayed at this time. Here is a photo of our room with the Best Pony!
safe1555793 artist:agatrix203 artist:atalonthedeer51 artist:judhudson132 artist:ramivic93 artist:whitedove-creations120 big macintosh26669 cheerilee9279 fluttershy195817 king sombra12534 pinkie pie201424 spike74218 starlight glimmer42999 trixie61158 trouble shoes1047 twilight sparkle279859 zephyr breeze2070 alicorn191060 dragon46609 4de337 acrylic painting213 bead sprite21 best pony1256 blind bag1384 body pillow3295 brushable3129 card2623 clothes401242 collection453 comic cover652 cookie zombie208 diecut9 felt198 funko640 funko mystery minis26 fursuit1380 irl62328 license plate61 mousepad150 necktie6048 obsession148 photo70238 plushie21597 poster4773 sign3601 socks55719 striped socks18859 towel3211 toy20689 traditional art107863 trixie day34 trixie is best pony10 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113768 woodwork153


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49 comments posted
Background Pony #A03D
This can't be Sethisto's room. Where's the altar where he ritually sacrifices plushies of Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and all the other peasant ponies who ever insulted Trixie?